Neighborliness. A visionary project

Neighborliness is a developing social action model, which will include human-sized glass sculptures of children playing, positioned in various neighborhoods, villages and towns.

The project’s goal is to bring together Israeli Jews and Palestinian youth who live close to each other, even in neighborhoods or regions that are divided by the separation fence (e.g., Har Gilo and al-Walaja; Mevasseret Zion and Beit Surik; Shu’afat and Pisgat Ze’ev). These meetings will offer youth the opportunity to ask questions, and to get to know those whom they have been conditioned to see as "the other".

Dialogue activists will serve as facilitators during the meetings, and participants will examine ways through which youth between the ages of 14 and 18 can contribute to sharing their ideas on how to support tolerance, and interlocution between Israeli Jews and Palestinians. During the meetings, each group will choose a children's cooperative game, such as; balancing games, tag, knitting granny, joint hand clapping, etc. Thereafter, two participants will be chosen to pose for the final model.

I believe that work with youths is especially important because at this age each person already has an ideology and concept of the workings of the world, but their voice is seldom heard. This development phase is characterized by extreme and radical attitudes and rapid transformations of the body, emotion and mind. The conventions of society become ever more important for youth at this age, while they also struggle to create their individuality, and find their own sense of self.

My hope is that the glass statutes of youth playing will remind the viewers of their childhood and call upon memories of being one with the surrounding world, the feeling of a child playing. The images will bring to life voices of laughter, the pleasurable stream of play, the making of friend, and of being social in the world. The statutes will be cast from transparent reinforced glass. This lucidity suggests the importance honesty and openness in ant game played or peace road built toward a common and joint future.

I am calling on anyone who feels a desire to materialize this project to join me in this wonderful journey. I call upon sculptors, artists, designers, public societies and groups that work with youth; youth movements, dialogue movements, youth leaders, schools and community centers, people and organizations who would like to financially support the project, PR persons, Palestinian and Israeli producers.