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Thanks and Inspiration:

  1. The love of my life. Dr. Oded Lowenheim- Hebrew University. Jerusalem. For opening my eyes.
  2. Amit Wagner- for professional websites building, positive approach and patience.
  3. Einat Arif Galanti- THE best friend.
  4. Karin Lewis- for inspirational and professional text editing.
  5. Somae Murray- for support, text editing and guidence.
  6. Students and instructors at the "Musrara" continuation studies program - Dafna Ichilov, Jay L Levy, Yaara Nirel, Yael Barzilai, Miro Maman, Yaniv Waissa, Orit Hasson Walder, Leonid Grosman, and Gabriel Peimer.
  7. Sara Filer- Hadassah academic college, Jerusalem. For guidance.
  8. Shai Kremer-, for clear observations.
  9. Amiram Oren, Geographer-
  10. Yuda Braun,
  11. Gareth Bate, Jessica Barrfield, Saglara Kitchikova, Jerry Lee Miller. For making me feel surrounded at all times.

Learning from:

  1. Lovely Yosefa, Html and Css lessons at Zangvil organization.
  2. Eran Stern- Premiere Pro classes
  3. My secret circle: Sima, Keren, Inbal and Michal. The Artisi's way
  4. Alex Ziv - Hasod
  5. Eran Stern -
  6. Napolion Hill -

Sponcers / donors

  1. Island Blue Print Co. Victoria BC. Vancouver Island. For generously donating the Best Photography Award at "Sooke Fine Arts Show 2012".